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This is one of my favorite places for Italian food, particularly pizza. I usually order pizza or rolls--very good! My favorite is their Sicilian slice-the crust is buttery the way I like it. The garlic knots is one of the best out there! My one gripe is they don't like to adjust their recipe when I ask (such as hold the cheese in a roll), not sure why, most places do whatever makes me happy--therefore, service is mediocre, but I can overlook that since their pizza is quite good & not dry like some other places. Oh, and I wish they would offer options to buy individual pizza slices via Grubhub in the future.


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Ever since I found this place, this is the only place I'd order pizza from. Their thin-crust pizza is delicious, my favorite is their Margherita Pizza, simple yet delicious. Their prices are reasonable as well and delivery is always on time. This place is recommended!

The only thing is that; I ordered Ginger Ale Green Tea and received Snapple Green Tea xD. Maybe they accidentally mixed it up, it's okay, hope I receive the correct one next time!


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The pizza was real ny thin crust, quality af pizza. Be warned the chipotle pizza is spicy for those who are intolerant. Just pluck some chx off and the pizza is perfect. 10/10 would and will order again!


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Food is always good but it runs a bit expensive. Especially since there are 6 other pizzerias in the area. Definitely my treat once in a while but not my go to.


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been searching for the best chicken parm in the area and this is it. have ordered a few diff items as well and consistently good quality food. my new go-to

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I've seen these guys prepare food with their heart and soul, fresh daily and with a smile no matter the client. Don't know what this review is about chicken as I always order the Carnivore or the All American and it's f'in perfect every time. These guys blitz through storm, snow, rain and dark of night and they're 10x more reliable than the FED-EX guy. Parkway Pizza is a great pizza service and deserves more attention in its community compared to some of the surrounding parlors.


Top Reviewer
Great food at a cheap price. My go to Pizza place when im on a budget. Don't expect them to always be on time but they wont always be late either.


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Parkway has the best pizza in the neighborhood! Crust is thin and crisp, toppings just right. Pizza still hot when we get it. We love Parkway!


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Chicken chipotle pizza is off the hook! I am severely ill and shouldnt be eating this delicious pizza but I will until I croak. Thank Parkway!


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The food was excellent! I had the lasagna, chicken parm hero, and pepperoni crescent rolls and I would definitely order from them again :)

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